Taking advantage of the established position of our trade publications, we have the pleasure of inviting you to read the latest issue and to contribute to and participate in the next edition of the Polish and English language annual edition of:

The World of Candles, Waxes and Other Products

Together with its Polish-language counterpart (Parafiny, Świece, Znicze), the publication promotes a positive image of the market of candles and materials used to make them, as well as other products made from paraffins, waxes and their substitutes. The publication fills a gap on the market, dealing with issues connected with the industry in question. The exceptional character and special meaning of the publication lies in the presentation of the current situation in the sector and in a vision of its development in upcoming years.
The publication also acts as a platform for the exchange of views and contacts between companies and their existing or potential customers. Each issue is published as a popular-science guide, accessible for the reader and presented in the attractive, aesthetically pleasing form of a magazine. We place particular emphasis on presentations of companies operating in the industry and for the industry. The publication of these materials in the issue increases the recognition of the company and awareness of its brand on the market.
The publication is addressed, among others, to manufacturers, vendors and wholesalers of candles and cemetery lights and of materials used in their production, decorating companies, studios of interior design, suppliers of technologies and equipment and senior management personnel in paraffin and paraffin intermediate product manufacturing companies. The publication is also distributed at selected trade fairs.

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