Ladies and Gentlemen,

We strive to promote the economy in the widest sense of the word and, subsequently, to promote companies operating on the market. That is why each year we give you a number of trade publications showcasing the state of various sectors of the economy. The unique character and special significance of the publications lies in the in-depth analysis and extensive presentation of the discussed sectors and the vision of their development in upcoming years.
Apart from discussions of important issues and information, the publications contain presentations of many companies operating and providing services for the industry to which the particular issue is devoted. This increases company recognition and brand awareness on the market.
Each publication also provides a collection of viewpoints from persons in charge of the foundations of the given sector of the economy regarding its state, obstacles and opportunities for its further development. The most important voice in the publications is that of practitioners managing enterprises in the sector. Our publication gives them the opportunity to present their views on what lies in store for the sector.
Each publication is also a unique popular-science guide, in a formula of attractive annual periodicals.

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